Welcome to JUDY

Another fun project with Moving Colour, this time tackling a tricky subject matter: disaster preparedness. We were tasked with creating some introductory videos for customers receiving their JUDY kits! The challenge here was creating light-hearted designs to keep the conversation educational and encouraging, rather than intimidating. I hopped on as a designer to create and tweak some assets. Check out the kit here!


Partnered with:
Animation Director:

Ways & Means
Matthew Miller
Brian Covalt
Ryan Whiteley, Ben Michaels
Fede Cook, Morgan Pabst,
Douglas Curley

Client: JUDY
Partnered with: Ways & Means
Director: Matthew Miller
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Design: Ben Michaels, Ryan Whiteley
Animation: Fede Cook, Morgan Pabst, Douglas Curley

animation by Moving Colour